Tuesday, November 4, 2008

big day!

election day, that is. i did briefly imagine going into labor while standing in line to vote (although friends who voted early assured me that pregnant women got to go to the front of the line), but there wasn't even a line - we were in and out in ten minutes! and there were kids selling donuts outside - what a perfect voting experience. i felt like a responsible mother-to-be, casting a vote for the future. hope i cast it the right way! i'll certainly be glued to the election coverage tonight, although i'm resisting turning the tv on until at least 6.


DenverKathryn said...


DenverKathryn said...

Hi Airs,

Now that I more or less have a working computer (Bob and I just spent almost an hour getting it to stay on my wireless network - my neighbor's network was interferring, we think) I am going to send your blog address to some other people. So they can share the excitement!

Love, Mom