Wednesday, October 22, 2008

baby needs

Okay, I finally got around to putting together a list of things we still need for the baby - only to find that there's really not that much left that we need! Wow, we're actually prepared. Nevertheless, here are a few either needs or just wishes - including links to examples I've found online, just for reference. By the end of the list, it's basically just things I like....
Hopefully, someone (Mom, I'm counting on you) will think of a few things that you know we need, but we don't know!


Crib bumper


Glass bottles

Closest thing to baby cowboy boots I could find!

Swaddling type thing - looks cosy

Cute clothes...

sorry the links aren't actually links - I'm not really a pro at this. I had to split them up over lines, otherwise they didn't fit!


DenverKathryn said...

I just discovered the list and will work on adding to it as I think about this new baby who is coming along. And I will also try to figure out links, just for the fun of it.

Maria said...

Oh wow - I wonder if they have that swaddling thing in my size. That looks comfortable.