Wednesday, November 12, 2008

got pictures

Well, yesterday Seth very heroically went through all of our pictures, sorted out the good ones, resized them and did all the stuff that I'm not good at (i.e., don't know how to do), and posted them to our flickr page. There are some from our trip to Colorado in August, some from my baby shower here, and a couple really new ones, just to show how totally huge I am now, and also the cuteness of the baby room now that it's all set up. Also some lovely pictures of a toad, if you like toads. Now that the page is off the ground, hopefully we will be fast about posting pictures of Mark once he arrives. Which will be very soon, no matter what! I mean, the official due date is two weeks from today, so that's soon enough already, and I really think that it's going to be sooner than that. And I know, that's what every pregnant woman thinks, and they're always wrong (how can they be always wrong?), but it's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Here's the link the the flickr page:


Ariel said...

Why does it say that I'm posting this at 4 in the morning? It's actually 7:30 - early enough, but not that early!

DenverKathryn said...

Ariel and Seth,

I love the photos! Thanks for all that work Seth. The baby room looks fabulous, as does the toad, and the soon-to-be-parents. And Colorado of course. I will see you all very soon!

Betsy said...

are you guys parents yet?
I had a dream this weekend that I saw you right before I was supposed to have an interview for graduate school and your belly was completely flat. So, I said Ariel, it's November! Why aren't you exploding with baby? And you told me you already had Mark and he was very small. I then proceeded to yell at the lady who was interviewing me. It was weird.
Anyway, clearly I'm thinking of you guys often and hope you're feeling ok and aren't dying with anticipation. I can't wait to hear more news!
All my love, Betsy

Juichi said...

thanks kids! it's so wonderful to see your beautiful body. my favorite pic is of you on the bed knitting botties. beautiful baby room, seth! i'm looking forward to putting my arms around all of you in 15 days - but whose counting?